Our teacher Thom Baselier delivered an excellent presentation with amazing visual references which were easy to follow in his online classroom. 
Everything was explained well and I learnt to navigate the program and understood more about how best to use it. 
The teaching pace is just right, plenty of time given to practise on what we have learned.
So much to learn that I did not know! 
Excellent resources (e.g. websites, resume templates, key selection criteria etc) and up to date knowledge. This course was excellent and even better than I expected.
Enjoyable content delivered as effectively as possible with an engaging instructor.

Very experienced trainer, great contact, very clear all the information and well explained. He has a great personality and is always willing to help. 

I really enjoyed this course. It was well planned and laid out, very easy to follow. All the lessons were very interesting and I've learn a lot. I'm looking forward to taking next online course - more advanced. 

Sam, she was knowledgeable, always answered questions, so positive & pleasant to deal with, makes learning easy.
Sam has covered several platforms and includes everyone in the course. She is patient and explains things very clearly. 
Covered many aspects of the subject matter and took trouble to get to know the individual student needs. 
She is amazing. She articulates steps really well and guides us appropriately. She also helps if you are stuck and is very patient.
Yo hablo un poco español ahora!

I can see that Thom is extremely knowledgeable and experienced - he seems to understand students' issues/questions right away and provides advice on what to do next. 

The information provided is very useful and practical, and explained in a way that almost anyone can understand. As an educator myself, I can see that Thom has designed the course in a way that allows participants to scaffold their learning - each week, it becomes slightly more complex, but never so challenging that you think it's beyond you. This helps learners to maintain motivation.